RMD Letter for those nearing or greater than age 70 1/2 (Clients Only)

The IRS requires those of us age 70 1/2 or above to take out a Required Minimum Distribution or RMD each tax year.

In the year 2009, RMD’s were waived as part of an investor relief program. For 2010 this requirement has returned.

RMD’s are requirements to distribute a certain amount of money based on your age, and 12-31-09 IRA/Qualified total plan balances. This distribution must be taken out over the following year (2010).  Our vendor has mailed a reminder letter to anyone who meets this age requirement. Do not be alarmed, this is a standard form requirement and applies to needed distributions for the year 2010, due by 12-31-2010.

Please click here for a copy of several versions of this letter and for your review.

Each fall (2010) we run reviews to confirm everyone has met the requirements and will contact each of you in the event you have not met the minimum distribution amount for 2010.

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