Thoughts from 20,000 Feet – It’s Easy to Be Negative – Just Say No!

This post was originally created while on a flight from Dallas to Las Vegas. While I am not sure how the technology works, it is very neat, multitasking at it’s best, but ergonomically challenging for sure! (The office is most certainly happy that the Instant Messenger feature is not working!)  

Thought this was worth revisiting, just as a reminder! 

20,000 Feet

 As I drove to the Airport this morning, listening to one of the market reporting cable stations, I heard  five interviews with different “Experts” concerning the markets, economy, interest rates and consumers, just to name a few. All were extremely NEGATIVE!    

Granted things are not as hot as they were just a few quarters ago, and certainly there are concerns, BUT it is often times wrong to be too negative.  In school, and in business, we are taught to analyze things from a critical point, looking for the flaws, uncovering the mistakes. This behavior can sometimes carry too far, which it may have at this time.    

Being negative makes you sound smart !    

Often times being negative has a greater impact than being positive, and makes the ” talking head” sound smart. Bad things leave deep scars, so they often times have a greater impact on our memories and historical references. Bad things do happen of course, but looking for the terrible things in everything is a mistake in our opinion.    

Being Positive is harder than being Negative !    

There is very little doubt that  it is harder to be positive than negative, as negative dominates positive, and leads to a snowball effect at times. The challenge is to look for the positives when others are negative and possibly visa versa.    

Often times depictions are just that, a picture by someone else. Keeping positive thoughts and views, when others are negative, may treat you very well from an investment standpoint.    

Have A Good Day!    


From 20,000 Feet !    


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