5 Positive Financial Events this Week! Happy Long Weekend

Sometimes it is amazing how fast time transpires these days. It is hard to believe some of these events happened just this week, which is why we point out these positive events. So here we go, zigging positively while others zag in negatively:

Irene Lands over the weekend but with minimal casualties: While there are estimates of double-digit billions in damages due to the wide net of Irene hitting the east coast over the weekend, actual casualty count was minimum.

On Monday we learned that two Greek Banks Decided to merge: While at first glance, this may look like a yawner, this event may have set the stage for the country beginning to adhere to requests by their family country (EU) requests.

Good Economic Numbers sneaked into the week too: A slightly down, but not out, consumer confidence number, along with a warm, but not cold, (Red Riding Hood) ADP report, and a better than expected, very important ISM manufacturing , were part of this weeks sneaky positive economic reports, mostly missed again by the zaggers.

Americans More Appreciated in Libya: In Nicholas Kristof’s NY Times Op Ed Column this week, he writes in just one of many quotes “Belgassim Ali, a petroleum engineer, told me: “I would thank America for the stance to protect my people.” Without America, he added, “we would not be celebrating. We would be in the cemetery.” If our soldiers are there it is a nice positive that we are having appreciation from the native country residents.

Brazil CUTS Rates, possibly starting a recession resistance: An up and coming historically fast growing “Little Brother” country with two major events, World Cup in 2014, and Olympics in 2016, CUTS RATES. This is a strong positive as it signals no fear of an attempt to rev up a former super fast growing countries economic situation.

We hoped you enjoyed our positives this week and have also enjoyed our slightly contrarian, positive view, while others are throwing rocks negatively.

Next week, which from a Wall Street perspective, officially ends summer, and welcomes the start of fall, both here and across the globe.

Please safely enjoy your long weekend. The youngsters of the Kvale family sorrow at the pool closings, but the family elders are quick to substitute the deflective carrot of soon arriving Halloween and Christmas.

Have a Great Day and a Super Weekend!


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