More Evidence of Little Brother Country Growing Up

For those that missed our slightly humorous “Little Brother” country grows up post, it is worth a quick read, but the general gist is how a smaller younger sibling/country can grow up and become more powerful and important.

In an interesting gulf news story of how much power a Little Brother country has, the IEA an international Energy Association, which we follow closely, is trying once again to get one of our Little Brother countries to join. In this case another Little Brother country has grown so quickly, Big Sister countries are losing their power and competitiveness and it has become very important to bring the youth into the group.

Before we were able to post this story, another even younger little brother, Slovakia, flexed their muscles and rejected the Euro Bailout.

Temper tantrums, or flexing of their muscle, it is very interesting to see little brother countries come into the spot light on their own. With their new importance, responsiblity also is a necessity.

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