5 Financial Positives This Week!

Zigging and Zagging to our positives, while others dwell on the negatives, we are happy to bring you the following five positives this week. Thanks to all of you who have commented on how much you like this weekly post, we much appreciate being a positive influence, especially while so many others have taken residence on the dark side.

So here we go:

Merkel and Sarkozy Sitting in a Tree, K.i.s.s.i.n.g: We continue to highlight the positives with the German and French leaders (humorously) as they attempt to hammer out an EU solution. The start of each week, as of late, makes for a nice positive Sunday evening/night of reading and anticipation, as they move toward a resolve. We hail this as a positive as they appear to be moving in a solution based direction.

The Economist, jumps on Board of the U.S. “Not” being in recession: Following last weeks similar positive, with our constant noting of perception can create reality, we are happy that the very powerful Economist, has jumped on board as well. Not only does the Economist state that the US is not in recession, but they also mention “perception becoming reality.” This makes us feel their work is of greater quality now, since we have been saying this “perception/reality” thing for some time…. haha

Fed Stands Ready To Help: The latest release of Fed minutes noted that a majority of members stand ready to instigate something similar to QE3. While we are cautious on the results of another chocolate bar for our economy, we are happy, and it is a great positive, that the Fed is near and ready to help us should our economic stamina falter.

90 Day Treadmill Starts Off Well: Our self-named version of earnings season officially kicked off with an aluminum company, bank, and important tech company. Most confessions thus far have been on the positive side. We will dig in more on this next week, but for this week’s positive, so far so good !

China Inflation Tames to 6.1%: In “The Little Engine That Could” like fashion, the Chinese reported that their inflation has tamed a bit. Recall their government has been pulling back the reins for some time.  We see it as a positive that they seem to be slowing but not stalling at this point.

That’s it for this week, as we bid you well for a positive weekend. Next week we will have an interesting Baseball/Investing analogy, a 90 day treadmill expectations post, among others.

Until then, Have a Great Day, and A Good Weekend !


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