Light Week, Newsletter, Travel, and Preview of Special Year of Ziggs!

Given the president set so far this week, it appears light investment and economic news, vacations, and Holiday enjoyment are the themes of the week. This is fine with us as we can use a bit of a break from the 2 am EU happenings.

Our Q 1 2012 (yes, 2012 is here!) Newsletter is coming together and contains our special “Preview and Review” section along with the Final Part of our “Investment Armageddon Protection Series.” We also have a neat set of new websites we have stumbled upon over the last quarter, and an example of what happens when “Investors Lose Faith in Your Financial System.”

My schedule shows me traveling, (for work, but as you probably know I enjoy work, so it’s always fun) the next several days, and as such, out of the office. Often times more clarity is gained during driving times and updates from distant locations, especially with technology allowing for comfortable tethering back to the office.

Coming Friday, a special “5 Positives for the Year” from our Zigg while others  Zagg year ending week.

Enjoy your day and your week !



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