Summer Doldrums, We Don’t Think So !

Even though my 7 and 4 year old swear summer is upon us (counting down the days), which often makes for a dull time in the capital markets, we think this will be an interesting summer.

US tax issues, debt ceilings, “Pain in Spain” (insert numerous other little brother country name) and an election for the US should keep the cobwebs from forming this summer.

We were a little light on comments this week (this being the 3rd), but promise to make it up to you next week. A 90 day treadmill update, along with a few summer saving ideas lead our list of “to do’s for the coming week.

Once again we thank those who made Robert McTeer’s article of questions this week, well done, we are still very impressed!

Until next week, we thank you all for reading our work and wish you a wonderful weekend!


PS : If you have a friend that needs financial related help, send them our way, we are glad to assist in any way and thank those who have already done so!



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