Are you watching the Yo-Yo or the Guy on the Escalator ?

You are at the airport and a guy is riding up a long escalator with a Yo-Yo. The stranger slowly rides up the steps one at a time, for a slow, but ascending move over the long-term. However, there is this silly Yo-Yo in his hand, and it is vigorously going up and down, sometimes fast, and sometime slow, but it is definitely going up and down. It seems like as he throws it down, it goes down fast and furious only to find it slowly moves back to his hand, all the while this stranger is ascending towards the next level of the airport.

If you are like me, the quick movement catches your eye and you most likely focus on the Yo-Yo not the guy. After a few minutes the guy completely disappears on to the next level and is gone. It seemed like only a second ago he was at the same level, but now he is gone, out of sight, no Yo-Yo, no guy, it’s as if he vanished into the sky.

I bet most of us watch the Yo-Yo as the quick movement is more interesting and we want to know if the Yo-Yo is going to fall from his hand on the floor or recoil back and hit him in the face. 

Most of us, present party included, should watch the guy, not the Yo-Yo as he is going somewhere; the Yo-Yo goes nowhere.

Are you watching the markets day by day or long-term ? Think about it !

Told you we had a good one for your Happy Weekend !

Special hat tip to my good buddy pal and fellow professional  Emerson Bell for the humorous pictorial. Thanks Emerson !

Have a good weekend!


PS I am out of the office this afternoon!


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