The need for Stronger Passwords a Cyber Crime Update; Mature Audience Has Better Security

As the summer nears the mid-point, we suspect many younger, possibly bored, but computer literate individuals have found their way into what they think is playful but can turn to dangerous cyber crime.

Last week, we were the recipient of three new email hijackings, two is which were harmless and one not. While no damage was done in any of these situations, the invasiveness of having an email hijacked is uncomfortable at best and could always lead to complications in the future if not controlled. 

Hat tip to those 55 years or older, as a recent Yahoo study found that the mature computer user have passwords that are twice as strong as those under age 25.

Here are our recommendations for passwords:

  1. At least six characters in length
  2. Not your name or family member name
  3. Large cap letter
  4. Small Cap letter
  5. Number
  6. Most importantly, at least one symbol

Please also change your passwords occasionally as well. In our opinion a few times a year may suffice, many security experts suggest 90 days.

Don’t let a few minutes of inconvenience cause you grief, change your passwords regularly and make sure they are strong!

Have a Great Day!




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