Donald “The Brain” does it again…A good company showing

In mid December 2012, during an industry related event, as written here in our “Holiday Party and Nerds” post a good-sized group of financial professionals including ourselves turned a nice holiday party into a slightly heated discussion concerning the end of the year market close for the S&P 500.

The most interesting or entertaining portion of the event, depending on your point of view was the conviction most had in their point of view. Remember in mid December there were very little information on the fiscal cliff compromises, not that there are today (I digress), but there were certainly tons of uncertainties.

And the winner is/was ….drum roll please……..drumroll

Donald Capone, Yep the brain did it again! His call was 1440 and with a closing of 1426 he was the winner over 9 other participants including myself.

Let it be known, J.K. Financial, Inc. was well represented with Donald taking the next to last Friday winner, myself as the last Friday winner with a 1400 call, and Donald sealing the deal as the ultimate winner.

We are of course happy to let you know of our winnings, but please do not take these as a conquering of the capital markets as there is a lot of luck that goes into such calls. We are happy to be lucky any day of the week!

Have a Great Weekend!


PS The newsletter came out terrific and we will highlight a few items next week ..Break In, Break In,…..Grrrrrr! One of our predictions was just scooped, by a news story early this am…Tim Geihtner is leaving at the end of the month…we predicted some time this year, with concerns, in our newsletter!

PSS With my beloved Cowboys out again, my best wishes to all Alumni who will be watching College games, especially tonight…Good Luck to all..I will be watching too!

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