The World is Such a Smaller Place…….an Options Workshop…..Presidential Library

We comment frequently on how important it is to diversify investments and never go “all in” on any asset class or geographic location….every once in a while it really hits us!!

 Another example of the world being a smaller place

An ahaa moment came recently (most of you know we are a Dallas Texas firm founded over 20 years ago) as we realized we have clients in over 20 US States and over 6 different countries. The neat thing about the various geographic foot prints is technology, once a compromiser of time and privacy, has now allowed freedom of all of our wings and especially our clients wings…..I digress…

With clients all over the small world, maybe we will World Smallernot see a person “live” as much…but like investments, the world is such a smaller place today…not to mention what the future holds with Video conferencing and virtual technology available to all of us…it will keep getting smaller!!

Just another reason we stand firm behind our diversification investment theme as well!

Options Workshop Tomorrow

Tomorrow brings an ALL DAY conference with several former CBOE option floor brokers, back office technology folks, and options representatives to give the latest updates in technology…..another sign of how fast the options market is growing. As you know we are large fans of public options for various purposes, including but not limited to hedging, asset holding, low-cost investment opportunities.  We look forward to the new updates.

Presidential Library Opens

After several notices via mail and a notice this Sunday on our front door, it is very evident the new Presidential library is opening in our neighborhood tomorrow.  (Click here for live webcams) We look forward to a safe opening and wish good travels for all.

Have a great day!

John Kvale

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

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