A Debt Ceiling Friday … C’mon guys … Blackrock, Newsletter, FT …

If you could approve your own credit limit and you REALLY needed it to pay…say….payroll, inventory, or your alarm system, would you ?

Debt Ceiling Friday

There will be much political talk over the next few weeks as we enter one of the more scarier months (for some crazy reason, October has been a stinker on capital markets at times, not withstanding Halloween, again a family fav….haha) of the markets, however we feel strongly an increase in the debt limit is in the cards.Debt Ceiling

Officially or unofficially the US Treasury announced yesterday we will be out of money on October 17, 2013…again we think this is resolved although political swords will be drawn and clash in the interim.

So we say in closing, C’mon guys, let’s pass something sooner rather than later!

Blackrock, Newsletter, FT Article

Shortly we will review a nice lunch meeting with Karen Shenone of Blackrock who spoke at length about interest rates (we like Blackrock as they said the EXACT same things we said about rates, not to mention they are huge and have some of the brightest minds on Wall Street.)

The Newsletter is finished early, mostly due to the travel schedule of our editor, not my expeditious writing,  and it looks fabulous. If you want a sneak peek, check out our new page here on our blog site.

We owe you more information on the very neat FT Inheritance article, but knowing you did not have near enough time for another post, we held off.  Not to worry, our humble pie will make sure we revisit!

But all of that is next week…Today is a Friday, enjoy your day and your weekend!

John Kvale

PS I will be out in the afternoon today!

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