Traveling …. Tis the Season for RMD’s a special series coming soon

Later tonight I jump on a plane for a distant state business/family travel trip and will be out for the remainder of the week, returning very late Monday night. Thanks to technology I will be happily tethered and as mentioned before, often times travels makes for terrific think time away from the monitors, breaking news, and constant wire reports.

RMD Season Upon USRMD

As we enter the last quarter of the year, the time for Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) are upon us. We will begin processing those who have not done so already this year in the coming weeks.

Given the time of the year and the importance of RMD’s we will have a special three-part series over the next several weeks  Commencing with what and why an RMD exists; Why you may want to take an RMD early or late; and lastly a few IRA Equalization Techniques.

With much to talk about lately, I apologize for the extra posts, but we feel it important to communicate especially given the current events!

Have a Great Wednesday!

John Kvale

PS Janet Yellen gets the nod ….. expect extended QE (she is a known Dove) … Cheat Sheet Here
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  1. Cindy Sumrow Krantz

    Have a wonderful, safe trip!!! We KNOW that you will STILL be working “on the sly”!!!! Enjoy your family!!! Life’s too short!

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