ABC News Interview with John “7 Things to Do with a Tax Refund”

As mentioned last week while on spring break, I had the opportunity to visit with a reporter from ABC News. The article was on tax refunds, before we jump in, a special thanks to all that saved on their cell phone bills and let us know, glad to be of help … in case you missed it, here is the cell phone money-saving article.

Seven Things to Do With Your Tax Refund

After receiving a call from Alan Farnham (a delightfully jolly and energetic reporter with ABC news) concerning tax refunds, the wheels were set in motion for a topical discussion on tax

My actual seven items, many of which hit the article chopping board will be published in the next Newsletter coming out in just a few weeks.

Here is a link to the article on ABC Mr. Farnham neatly wove several collective advisor’s thoughts, including mine, together, making for an article that matched his prior mentioned energetic disposition.

The basis theme of all those that were interviewed were as follows:

  1. Fill up any missing buckets (emergency funds) or extinguish sins of the past (credit cards or other debts) then
  2. Save in the most tax advantageous way
  3. Have fun with some if there is left over after my mom’s favorite saying “Rat Hole” savings for a holiday/rainy day/vacation.

Thanks again Mr. Farnham, great article, and very glad to be a part of the story at ABC News.

Have a great day!

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