Tax Filing Update … Social Security and Medicare Event Reminder (Podcast Recorded)

Early bird tax filers, start your engines … we are almost ready to give you the green light. If you MUST file early for some reason, we will give you a lightly colored green light go, with the understanding there is still a low possibility of more corrected 1099’s.

Another Round of Corrected 1099’s In the BooksCorrected

With another round of corrected 1099’s in the books, we are looking good. We have already contacted all of those lucky corrected recipients. If you have not heard from us, we did not receive a corrected for you !

Thursday evening May 1, 2014 Social Security and Medicare Event

On Wednesday of this week Tom Clark and I recorded an interview for a podcast coming soon (after audio clean up.) An early RSVP is welcomed by Cathy at if your calendar looks open at this time, as we are holding extra space just to be safe.

Ahhhh …. but today is a Friday, heading into a weekend that will not be frosty (hopefully) … Be sure to spend time with those special in your life and if you have not started on your taxes, the time is now !!!

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