Jackson Hole Symposium … Summer Doldrums Nearing an End

Each year the Kansas City Federal Reserve hosts a symposium smack in the middle of the summer doldrums …. just as most kids around the US get back to school.

Jackson Hole Symposium

Chairwoman Janet Yellen will give a speech today, that likely will repeat many of her and the FOMC’s (Federal Open Market Committee) prior thoughts. This Jackson Hole Economic Summitweek there were a few favorable economic reports that have us watching for any changes in posture. We will be watching for signals that rates increases may be coming sooner or later than their current stated plans.

Summer Ends Traders Return,  EVENTUALLY

It seems as just yesterday we were announcing summer begins.  This year was interesting as volumes dropped earlier than normal, leading us to believe the Capital Market Air Craft Carrier has been in coast mode for the last several months.

The good news is that the Wall Street engine returns to normal mid-week after labor day in most cases … until then … “Grain of Salt”

Ahhhhh …. but the summer is not over yet. Do not forget to spend time with those special.

Have a Great Friday and near end of summer Weekend !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS The Kvale homestead will be back to normal Monday, even as the grief of heading back to school has already begun … It only lasts until they see their friends again … haha

8222 Douglas # 590
Dallas, TX 75225


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