Bucking Bronco … Frothy US Capital Markets JK and IMF too ? … Next Week BUSY travel schedule

No need to go to the Rodeo, we have it in the Capital Markets. There have been worse (07-09) but to suddenly go from a calm cool breeze walk to bucking bronco has been a bit startling. That’s why we buckle up well!Bucking Bronco

Our Cover Letter  and the IMF

Mid morning Wednesday we released our Performance Report over letter, highlighting our “Frothy” markets and “Black Ice” investing climate … The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also announced that US capital markets were “Frothy”

A bucking bronco ensued.

We will let you decide who put the fear in the markets … Either way, both are in good company ! haha

Travels Next Week

On Monday, I make a delightful turn around trip out-of-state, only to again head out on Wednesday evening a different direction, again out-of-state.

With minimal travel, I really enjoy the think time, melting pot of people thrown into action and the time away from the screens.

Not to worry, I will wash my hands during the journey … Actually with a summer cold, should be interesting!

Enjoy your weekend ! Talk to you next week

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Monday is Columbus Day, lot’s of folks in the financial world off!

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225  

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