Money Savings Heads Up, Thanksgiving Day the new Black Friday … Dragon’s Sword Returned (Marathon)

Black Friday, originally coined from the day certain retailers turned a profit used to be the best day to shop. Not anymore…

Adobe Study Finds New Black Friday – Thanksgiving Day

In this recent study from Adobe, the best time to shop, at least via cyber is just after you finish that last bit of turkey on Thanksgiving night …. well maybe right before you go to bed (see green line-price in chart)

On a personal note, tomorrow  (11-15-14) a rather stunning one day pre-pre holiday mark down is occurring at a major warehouse type of store that I plan to acquire several items for the office (technology) and a few holiday items too.  Early bird catches….


BREAK IN Before this post hit the airwaves, the largest brick retailer announced that Thanksgiving day will be the day of their deepest discounts with free on-line shipping … toe to toe with the largest on-line retailer … Good news, we win as consumers with a little planning!

Dragon Reclaims her 4 hour Sword (Marathon)

At the half way point (2 hours flat), I was firmly in control. Near mile 16 as the temperature began to have a 7 in front, 45 at start, the nice dragon grabbed the 4 hour sword and proclaimed it hers.

We wrestled until mile 23, at which time I relinquished the 4 hour sword to her in order to focus on my body parts that felt as if they were coming off   (legs, thighs, calf, several toes now without nails.)  All good and very rewarding !

 After a 4:06, the sword is hers…. for now !

Have a super weekend.

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