Congratulations, Donald “The Brain” … WELL DONE !

Yesterday while I was at the afore-mentioned two-day fire hydrant of company presentations and economic updates (more on that next week), what follows is more important. A call arrived to the office!

Donald “The Brain” Speaking at National event

The head of technology at our vendor, TDAmeritrade Institutional, has asked Donald to speak at THE NATIONAL CONFERENCE concerning very sophisticated systems used for portfolio management and rebalancing, called Irebal. irebal logo

This is a big deal!

  • About 4000 people will be at this event
  • Donald asked to explain how we implemented the systems (upon rollout he had it running in 48 hours)
  • Hope to help other advisory firms utilize Irebal in their practices (all friendly competitors)
  • Gentle software adjustment requests from Donald created the connection, and their understanding of his knowledge and ability (shhhh … I have known this all along ..haha … not kidding!)

This is a high-powered group of top-notch experts in the financial field, not a RA, RA session get together. It is a MAJOR honor to be speaking.

Donald…. Nervous yet ?… You will do fine… SUPER PROUD !   CONGRATULATIONS

Have great Friday and a super pre-Turkey day weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS China ups the anti and Draghi jawbones …. more next week
8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

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