Wall Street Superstition … Goodbye 2014 …. Hello 2015

Someone recently asked me if the theme of capital markets change at the turn of the New Year.

The answer is an absolute yes !

For some reason, when the new year starts, a different theme develops, almost out of thin air. Maybe that is the basis of the Wall Street superstition that “However January goes, so goes the yearAKA January effect

Farewell 2014, Hello 2015

As the minutes tick away, 2014 is leaving and 15 is headed our way.  Be safe this holiday and enjoy, it goes fast.Happy New Year

My actors went on strike so, there will be no New Year’s video…. being out of school twists the schedule, and with recent travels, and sleep overs, motivation is low.

Have a Happy New Years … Talk to you on the other side!

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