My Identity stolen a third time ??? Yep … Friday

As a financial advisor we drink the EXACT same cool aid we have for clients   … Same investments, same conservative philosophy, long-term thinking, tax strategies, generally optimistic, but skeptical when necessary  … and well … I guess the same identity theft some have experienced lately!

On Tuesday of this week, I was notified by the IRS by mail, not just once, but two lovely envelopes, stating someone was trying to file taxes (not me) and there was a conflict. (Nothing associated with the office, all info from my home/personal address)

Wow… TWO TIMES … Does that mean two different people are trying, or just the same person twice ? I will let you know when I know! thief

Needless to say, keep your guards up!  Here , here and here are a few of our articles on this, which of course I have heeded myself!

Ahhhh, but today is a Friday and I am on the road for a short but fun trip out-of-town and back. Do not forget to spend time with those special in your life … Talk to you next week!

Get back cyber criminals!

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