Charitable Donations Optimized – Veterans Day

Last week in our end of the year tax strategies, we spoke of the IRA Distribution, the week prior a Roth Conversion  to maximize your tax deductions. This weeks topic is a donation related technique to maximize your tax savings.Charitable donations

Optimizing your Charitable Donations! 

Charitable Donations Optimized

  1. Accelerate or push out to next year your donation IF you have the flexibility to, once again jump as high over your standard deduction as possible
  2. If you may be phases out of deductions for any reason, consider waiting until next year
  3. Cash is great, highly appreciated or concentrated stock may be better
  4. If you want a larger than ordinary charitable donation, consider a donor advised fund or setting up your own charitable foundation – these complex strategies are beyond this discussion, but available

These are sophisticated techniques and may require estimates, planning and professional council —  Reminder — this post is not a recommendation, only  a reminder of what is available –

A Special thanks to all Veterans on your honored day – No way we can ever fully pay you for your duty – Many thanks and much appreciated!

Have a Great — Less Taxable — Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP
8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225





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