Cybercrime – Hacking update – SHARK Week

We warned in mid May of an increase in cyber hacking as school gets out. Unfortunately we have not been wrong on this one… actually we understated the problem.

Cyber Hacks Up

We have seen MANY MORE email hacks than normal, especially this early in the summer. Keep your guards up and do not open suspicious emails… here are some helpful reminders:

  • Complex passwords for your log in (your name is NOT a good password as my 11 year old daughter learned on her snapchat account!)
  • Mind the wifi source – tether when uncertain
  • Careful when traveling – A purchase of an RFID resistant wallet kept my most recent trip uneventful, even though THE EXACT trip the last two consecutive times resulted in credit card fraud

Shark Week Returns

A family favorite that two years ago was moved from middle of August to late June, early July … Shark Week — It’s going on now!

Since fourth of July is a popular water related venture…we think the move was to remind those getting in …. OR just a timely screening !

Have a great Monday!

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