Bear… Bull… Brexit… Ironic Fourth of July? – Office Hours

After a record breaking BEAR market start to the year…

Historic week: Dow plunges 1,079 points – Jan. 8, 2016 – CNN Money

Followed by a near record breaking BULL market rebound….

Record for Stocks: So Close but Hard to Reach – April 17, 2016 WSJ

Then a record breaking BREXIT – British Exit Vote from the European Union

Brexit: The week that brought Britain to its knees CNN July 1, 2016 

Guess what? We made it just fine!

Fourth of July Irony

Think of the irony …. a British vote to exit the European Union occurred just a few days ago… Monday, July 4th, 2016 – a holiday for the USA – a holiday based on the USA being independent from Britain …. Worked pretty well … The same for Britain?

Office Hours

Today we are skeletons after noon, and Monday the office will be closed with Cathy and Donald out of town early next week on an extended holiday weekend.

I will be here manning the ship on Tuesday ! Talk to you next week !

Have a Happy and Safe Ironic Fourth of July!



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