Green Light for those that need to File their Taxes – FBAR Reminder, Tax D Day Reminder

We now have the third corrected 1099’s and we are happy to say it looks like the coast is clear.20170324_010525528_iOS

If you have a refund or are in need of filing quickly, this is your “Green light” to file !

Go for it!

Speaking of Taxes…. Some reminders….

Important Date Reminders

FBAR (Foreign Bank and Financial Asset Requirements) those that have control of assets in another country… the new filing date is April 15th….BUT, if you fail to meet this date, according to this IRS statement, a new extension date for six months is being allowed. There was not an extension in the past and this is a moving target as far as we are concerned. If at all possible, file on time, just to be safe.

Given the above date, the ACTUAL filing date for regular filers in the USA this year is April 18, 2017… several holidays are pushing the normal date out.

Confusing…. yes….

Hey it’s a Friday and we still have plenty of time, but don’t let it sneak up on you !

Cheers !

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