French Vote Comments… Happy Cinco de Mayo and Friday…. Tennis Travels… Break In- Employment Report

Break In- This am a very positive employment report was released…while we never hang our hat on just one report, we do like the direction of this report and will have more details next week!

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on the French Vote post earlier in the week. The polls, which we know have not been super accurate of the last few years, are giving Macron a huge lead over Le Pen…all other things equal, which they never are, this outcome would likely be calming to the capital markets.

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As May gets going, we have had unusually cool weather here in the South and even a spring…. Last several years it was a very wet spring and then summer arrived leaving little feeling for spring. Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo today ! Cheers !!

Hopefully it is nice where you are as well… Today is a Friday, so enjoy the day and your weekend….and remember to spend time with those special in your life.

Speaking of special, an out of town flight for our first National qualified tennis tournament occurs later today and through the weekend…. No matter the outcome, darn good dad daughter time!

Have a GREAT day!

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