Break In: Last Minute Tax Harvesting -Merry Christmas – Office Holiday Hours – Favorite Holiday Party Picture – First Day of Winter … Shortest Light day – Friday

Break In: With the recent market movement, tax harvesting was made more efficient – as such we made adjustments this week – much later than normal, but in taking advantage of what we are given, we jumped on the chance to shore up our taxes a bit more!

On Wednesday as mentioned here in our blog – we were spot on in what Capital Market Participants wanted – but Chief Jerome Powell did not lend any word to “One and watch” (raises that is) – not only did he not say one and watch, but he did say one and more -raises that is!

With a weak group of rookies at many a helm, market were sloppy- again as mentioned..

A possible government showdown shutdown left those same rookies running for the hills yesterday –

While many may say we have been given Coal for Christmas – weak hands lead to interesting movement – even during off times – Santa Claus Rally anyone??

Holiday Hours

Today the doors will close at noon as all of our gang’s are released for the Holidays ! Next week the doors will open mid-week briefly — I will be out New Years week as the school calendar once again this year pushed their holidays at the end of the calendar! Jen will be in late New Years week to hold the fort down!

Good News

Here we mentioned our new computers were to be installed – and as of yesterday we seem to have most of the kinks worked out – Faster, smaller, and much easier to remote in to is our Merry Christmas to us … gifts, by necessity… all good!

Favorite Holiday Party Picture Ever

The girls came up with this idea – and everyone loved it — My Favorite!

Jen Cathy and Monica

JK Financial Holiday Party - 111718 - Bret Redman -181

Happy Holidays

Today is Friday, and it is hard to believe the first day of Winter making it the shortest light day of the year! Ready for more light starting tomorrow – Finally!

Have a Great “Almost Christmas” Day!

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