Fast January, Tax Audit Pre-View, “AO” … Friday

Not sure about you guys, but in several conversations this week, as well as a few reflection times, it was super hard to believe January is almost gone… Wow!

Speaking of Fast January, how about already another Friday… with a short week and turn around travels next week, looks like we are in full stride….

Tax Time Commeth

Given the mailbox (and inbox) is likely beginning to fill with those pesky tax forms, we have a few neat stats on Tax/Audits/IRS reviews to share soon… We actually attempted to get them into the Q1 2020 Newsletter to no avail… a good problem (too much content) … We think you may find some of the statistics very interesting, but of course never push the gray when dealing with Uncle Sam!

Here is a Teaser:

TaxAudit 2018 stats

AO – Australian Open

Regular readers know sports … and especially Tennis (Australian Open) is big at the homestead…. between a 17 hour + time zone change and the 15 year old deciding to do 6 am — YES … 6 am tennis practice, the candle has been burning a bit at both ends…. maybe the reason for the Fast January… all good!

Ahhh….but as mentioned early, today is a Friday…maybe a Fast Friday in January, but still a Friday … enjoy your weekend and get ready for some fun Tax Facts Next Week!

Have a Great “Fast Friday” Day!

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