Russian Saudi Tiff Leads to Oil Spigot Opened up, FANTASTIC Corona Virus Dashboard … All You Need to Know

Events over the weekend and today’s market movements destroyed the immediate pertinence of a Great Loan Refinancing Post … it will be even more timely after the dust settles on the current events…

More important now in our minds, knowledge of what is going on…

You will likely run into multiple stories today that may not tell the complete picture due to the 140 character world we all want to live in, so we wanted to clear the air and arm you with straight forward information.

Saudi Russian Tiff Leads to Spigot Opening

Over the weekend, last Saturday afternoon after an OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Export Countries) meeting where Russia stepped away from the meeting and the organizations policies …. Saudi officials announce a Shock and Awe spigot turn on and directly attacked certain Russian markets with even lower initial oil price sales… Here is a great Bloomberg Article that you should be able to read even without a subscription (3 free reads a month) …

Key Takeaways:

  • Overzealous Egos know no barriers (Not kidding)
  • Lower Oil Prices will seep into your life and pocket book in the form of savings
  • This has nothing to do with the Corona Virus 
  • Markets will be jittery because of the prior point fear

Corona Virus Update

Donald the Brain located the best comprehensive dashboard site (may need patience as many are sharing this wonderful site, putting pressure on the page) I have seen, this is from Johns Hopkins University …. feel free to move the center globe around to your location and see just exactly how many cases are near… (likely not as many as you think)

Here is a fantastic chart from the dashboard that shows a high level picture of the Virus outbreaks, but also the recovered…

3-9-20 Corona Virus Infections rate

  • Looks like China has a handle on this already…(Top line)
  • New location Ex China virus confirmations may already be topping (Bottom line)
  • Recoveries are accelerating, exactly what you want to see (Middle line)

I know some of the headlines are frightening and the market movements are fast today triggered by some big Ego’s…go figure!

Hopefully this clarity will help you, should you run into something that may lead you down a different path!

Unknowns eventually become knows, and clarity is found!

Have a Great “Now You Know” Day!

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