Sun on the Horizon … Possible Vaccine … Possible Sigh of Relief

There are multiple reports out this AM that Pfizer along with a biotech partner have discovered a Vaccine that is up to 90% effective in curing infected participants.

Here is the actual press release directly from the company, for your viewing.

Being released from such a large and credible company gives this news legs. There may be disappointments, but the company mentions in the release a goal of selling the vaccine by the end of the month,

This is fast breaking news, but of course very, very good news and may have ripple effects around the world.

A large sigh of relief along with the possibility of returning to some type of normalcy may be in the cards…

Let’s hope this turns out to be accurate and available as they say….if so, we can all mark our calendars, as this may be a very important day, now and in the future!

Have a Great Day!

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