Who Locked the Dogs Up? Who, Who Who … Summer Doldrums?

As opposed to the 21 year old (Yikes, that was 21 years ago?) very poplar song….

Who Let the Dogs Out” song!

Had to check to make sure the video was ok… not to worry, all safe…

Work with me here… some humor for your Friday and Weekend !!!

Summer Doldrums?

There once upon a time was a part of the year from Memorial Day to Labor Day that was ….. well booooring and quiet….in Capital Markets!

We have not seen that in enough years for it to be striking that it is calm…. SO FAR!

Hopefully the mention does not jinx!

SP 500 Daily Recently

Ok, so it is a short time frame…

Sure there are fireworks in certain VERY speculative parts of the market…

Maybe everyone is just ready to spread their collective wings and safely enjoy the summer?

Could Change of course at a moments notice…

If we had our wish, would just continue and let our oversized clothes be grown into via earnings of public companies…

We will be watching…..

Enjoy your Friday and talk next week!

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