Neat Story of Educational Evolution … New Email Spam Filter Reminder … Shrinkflation Preview … Friday From Afar

Those long time reader know jogging and walking across a neighboring University Campus is a favorite for exercise, fresh air, energy picked up by the students, and my little four legged buddy’s daily discoveries…

Speaking of little buddy, we frequent so often, the friendly security guard who drives around in a golf cart and also has a bag of nifty treats for my little buddy is likely one large source of her enthusiasm… as a side note, she thinks all golf carts have such a person…. as the pulling begins when ANY cart nears….

With frequent walks and a cute little buddy, its surprising the folks you meet and get to know!

Very Interesting Story of Educational Evolution

In addition to the Security Guard, we have befriended an executive at the University who recruits Graduate students for their Grad program. At our most recent crossing … wanting an update on the fall education process and schedules, he shared a very interesting story that has occurred due to the last twelve months.

The University was forced to allow more virtual teachings and began embracing it for students across the country. One student that he had long been recruiting for a logistics grad program took advantage of the new situation. This student rides on a very large transporter ship back and forth across the ocean as his current job (some type of logistic monitoring). With the new grad virtual offering this student is finally enrolled and completing his program while on this ocean traveling back and forth…

Lemon Aid from Lemons…. Pretty neat story, hence the sharing…

Cut Over Overzealous Spam Filter

Our summer Technology improvement project is complete, as the process was finished we noted a stronger Spam Filter which we are getting settled down….

If you have sent us an email in the last few days and not heard back, please resend just to be safe!

Shrinkflation Preview

We caught wind of a new phrase that we thought is pretty clever…. “Shrinkflation”

Next week we will discuss in more details and put you guys up to some fun investigational actions!

Ahhhh… that is next week, and today is a Friday where remote working continues with slow but able Wifi…. the things we take for granted…

Have a Good Friday and Weekend!

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