Kastle Back to Work Update, but with a Neat New Comparison … Our 5 Year Office Renewal Experience …

Had planned on a review of some really great information that we have done with regards to the Newsletter but that can wait till next week …the following was just too good to pass up.

On a personal note, literally in about 2 hours we will be having what is likely our final review of the lease here at our office. Thinking that office space was abundant … imagine our surprise when we are told that we are going to need to digest a 15 to 25% increase in rent. What we missed, was the fact that our office size is as our broker says is Del Fuego, a massive influx of people to our location here in Dallas, and also a large group of bigger offices downsizing to smaller offices due to continued remote and out of the office working environments.

On a good news front, while the increase is a bit startling, our office space is of an appropriate size that the actual numbers are not too terrible, however giving up a newly charging very pricey monthly reserved parking … at least no one can park in the reserved spot now…. haha…. glass half full!!

In all likelihood we’ll ink the deal sometime this week for another five year period.. OK digressing…

Kastle Back to Work Index Update

Here is a quick link to about a dozen articles we’ve written on this subject and peripheral information!

For the possible newbies, or those that have maybe forgotten, this neat company called Kastle is basically a security company among other things, that pivoted during the lock down and began producing some of the neatest material we have seen with regards to office occupancy.

The email that hit our inbox this week not only had a review of the highest occupancy rates we have seen, although they’re still very very low, but a really neat view and chart of other non-office information for comparison purposes.

Hope you enjoy the hard work that these guys do as much as we do bring it to you, thanks Kastle very well done!

Do you think everyone was starving for in person sports, travel and food?

Or are we permanently adjusting to only about a 40% to 50% office return environment?

This is as high as we’ve seen the office occupation index, but still as you can see very well below getting even close to the halfway.

Maybe we should have shown these graphs too our landlord! Doubt it would have mattered, but Oh well we like our space anyway !

BTW- About 90% of this post was dictated… getting better at keeping it short…sorry to those that have received dictated emails…. working harder to keep it short!

Have a great “Kastle and In Personal” update day!

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