A Video Game Review – Learning the World and Country Economics – Rise of Nations

If you have a teenager (or even younger/older in the house)…. Well, you may not like the amount of time on games…

The realism is astonishing, especially coming from an original Pong (showing age here) and then thinking Galaga was cool….

In true Lemon Aid from Lemons format…. there is one game that is not violent, creates a terrific learning experience, involves world economics, has taught the 15 year old every country flag (brags occasionally), but does take some time, like most games.

A Condoned World Economic Game – Rise of Nations

If your teen or other locks into Rise of Nations… take a few to watch from over the shoulder…. While not a big fan of the time loss, it is a love hate thing….it has a lot of real education….

Using our small sample size, again the 15 year old has challenged on a few country economics, and natural resources… an approval of this game is allowed…. Rise of Nations!

Have a Great “Economic Learning Game Allowed” Day!

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