US Has More Spare Bedrooms than Ever Before …. From Apartment List … Why and who has them too…

Apartment List Research Department hit our in box earlier this week with an interesting statistic…with Copyright permission from earlier, we are gladly sharing…. Hope you find it as interesting as we do!

From Apartment List – More Spare Bedrooms than EVER before

This neat article By Chris Salviati hit our inbox this week and we wanted to share…

Anytime EVER is mentioned we take note…as EVER is a long time….

From the Article:

Using this definition, we find that 62 percent of all U.S. households had at least one spare bedroom in 2021, while 26 percent had exactly the required number of bedrooms, and 12 percent had too few bedrooms.

Who has all those bedrooms?

A lot of seniors aging in place …

Also, homes are just darn bigger!

Some great ideas on how this may be greatly productive in multiple ways…in the essence of time, will let you read the authors points near end of the article…good stuff…

Have a Great “Spare Bedroom Explained” Day!

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