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Indeed Job Openings Country and Global Review- Stunning Improvements

A while back, we reviewed the JOLTS – Job Opening Statistics here . We noted at that time, the index was at an all time high, putting pressure on Employers to find workers…. Indeed Job Openings With copyright permission granted … Continue reading

TSA Latest Throughput (Corrected Graph), Indeed Job Listing, Kastle Back To Work Update … Trifecta Bundle … Friday

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Yet ANOTHER Awesome Tracking Find… Indeed Jobs Indexes, 118 Total, Global and Domestic

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Three POSITIVE Data Points … Back to Normal Readings…

Air, Jobs and Water Looking Good Continue reading

Interesting Fleet (Boat) Monitoring Site – The Worlds Water Transportation

Watch the Worlds Fleet by Marinetraffic.eom
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Inflation is Coming, No it Isn’t Deflation Is On the Way??? From John Mauldin‘s SIC – Strategic Investor Conference – Jim Bianco and Lacy Hunt

Inflation or Deflation ? Bianco V Hunt Continue reading

Q 2 2020 Quarterly Review Cover Letter –

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Recovery Rebate Website Finder Updated – Where’s My Rebate?

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Hacker(s) gets 100 thousand Tax Returns from IRS…. SCHOOL IS OUT !!!

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Out at event…Diversification Wins Again as Even the Pro’s Don’t Know about Gold

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