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August 2022 Financial Planning and Capital Market Review – YAY …. Holiday Party Location Revealed – 401k Run Rate – Wall Street Mistake to Our Advantage, Bloated Inventory – Slowdown Contra Bounces and Pivot Narrative Reminder – By John Kvale CFA, CFP

August 2022 Review -DMA Here we come, 401k , Bloated Inventory, Contra Bounce, Be Careful Out There Continue reading

Hill Street Blues Reminder … Let’s be Careful Out there … Slowdown Refresher – Lengthy and Contra Bounces …

Staying Careful Hill Street Blue’s style Continue reading

Fed Speak Spurs Markets: Accidental Reporting – Great Audio Totally Contrary to Reports … Friday

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Bear/Slowing Market Bounces Reminder – A Historical Perspective

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Third Quarter 2022 Review, Patience as we look back and forward

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A Very Productive Week … Finishing Touches on Neat Holiday Party Venue … Continued Office Updates … First Travels of Late/Post Summer Next Week … Friday

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Second Quarter 2022 Review, Half Way Point, All about the Fed

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Why NOT to add AFTER tax funds to your IRA!

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Seasonal Patters Exist, Farmers Almanac, Traders Almanac

Growing up on a farm, we were always conscience of the coming season. The change would come whether we liked it or not (never big fan of the dark months ..Feeding the Cows in the dark, Ice Storms, Sleet, Brrr) … Continue reading

The Smartest Guys in the Room, The Bond Markets and Participants – Part 2 of FOMC Dot Plot Update

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