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Finally Taxes are Done … Rob Kaplan Federal Reserve Chair Town Hall Personal Embarrassment …

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All Eyes on the Federal Reserve – Will they LOWER (yes you read that correctly) Rates? Audio from Local Fed President, Robert Kaplan, on how the decision is made!

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Inverted Yield Curve Update – Break In: Chance Visit with Robert Kaplan, Dallas Federal Reserve Chair

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FED lowers again …. but only (.25%) – Longer Term View – Friday

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Fed Walked the Tight Rope Perfectly – Preview of New Scammers You Need to be Aware – Friday

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Our First Accidental Post in almost 2000, the Perils of Bad Wifi Connections – All Eyes on the FOMC next week – Friday

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June 2019 Podcast Video, Financial Planning and Capital Market Update – By John Kvale

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FOMC Meeting and Interest Rate Update from Last Week

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Fed Speak Spurs Markets: Accidental Reporting – Great Audio Totally Contrary to Reports … Friday

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Finally – School is out, let the Summer begin … Shhh, putting the final touches on a neat ALL NEW venue for the Holiday Party – Audio Found

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