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Robert Kaplan Dallas FOMC President Town Hall Analysis and Update, New York President Williams Chimes in, Wall Street Journal’s Favorite Fed Reporter Too – Taper Transition to Begin

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Kaplan Town Hall/Newsletter Preview Breaking News … Friday … Sports Begin …

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Robert Kaplan Update – Round Table State of Economy – “Sooner Rather than Later!”

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Musk Hosts SNL … Mauldin SIC Conference … Robert Kaplan Talks Taper

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Another Robert Kaplan Townhall Update – Some Breaking Comments … Slowing Purchases this Year

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Kaplan Town Hall Review … Second Most Recent FOMC Update Meeting Last Week… Procrastination Leads to Lucky Update

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Finally Taxes are Done … Rob Kaplan Federal Reserve Chair Town Hall Personal Embarrassment …

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All Eyes on the Federal Reserve – Will they LOWER (yes you read that correctly) Rates? Audio from Local Fed President, Robert Kaplan, on how the decision is made!

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Inverted Yield Curve Update – Break In: Chance Visit with Robert Kaplan, Dallas Federal Reserve Chair

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September 2021 Financial Planning and Capital Market Review – By John Kvale

Email Safety and a Stern Jerome Powell

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