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Updates from the Conference – Today’s FOMC Announcement Analysis – Cyber Security …

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Heads Up for a Busy “Headlines” Week – CPI Consumer Price Index aka Inflation Measurement – FOMC Federal Open Market Committee Rate Increase Announcement …

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Continued Improvement in the US Economy … Monthly BLS Employment Report .. Unemployment Rate, Interest Rate Reaction

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November 2022 Financial Planning and Capital Market Review – RMD’s and Rate Review – By John Kvale CFA, CFP

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All Eyes on Interest Rates … Rate Run

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Fed Raises Rates and then heads home for some R&R for over two months … Last Friday of July … Going Fast …

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YEAR END REPLAY – Fastest Interest Rate Increases Ever, and that’s a long time … Friends at Visual Capitalist!

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Fourth Quarter 2022 Review, Bill(s), Rates, Bills and Sunshine – Private Policy, Annual Offerings

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When Good News is Bad News … Friday Payroll’s GREAT … But … This Post Jump in Front of Planned …

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How Snowflakes are Formed … Very Relevant in Our Neck of the Woods recently… Preview of more AI (Artificial Intelligence) and good ole Federal Funds Rate (Increase this week)

Ya ya … it was 100+ degrees for like 60 days this summer….those afar go ahead and giggle (many have already jabbed- tha’s cool and deserved – haha)… in the 20’s suddenly and the schools in our area were closed … Continue reading