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Tax Form Updates – Tax Return Update … So far so good … Rainy Friday

Today a round of Corrected 1099’s are due to show up electronically (not out as of this writing yet) and will automatically be mailed to those of us lucky ones…. Again, you have been notified last week if you were on the corrected list…

Any totally new folks receiving a corrected that were not notified last week?  We will reach out to you … we do not expect any more TOTALLY  new corrected folks ….

Initial Tax Return ThoughtsUncle Sam

We are very happy to announce that the first few tax returns (1040’s) have come through, and they look good (refunds or not paying as much as in years past!)

We hope we are not jinxing ourselves by announcing this so early but wanted to share in the excitement!

There will be some disappointments we are certain, but so far so good!


Send the Sun if you can …. Rainy here!

Have a Great “Good Tax News” Friday!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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Important Tax Dates to Remember – Personal/Corp Extensions – Partnerships/Trusts

Just when you thought it was safe to forget all that tax stuff … here comes a few important dates to remember (abide by.)Tax Guy hit in head

Reminder – Important Tax Dates

September 15 –  DUE Dates

  • 1120 or other corporate automatic extension deadline filing date
  • 1040/personal Estimated Tax payment f0r individuals if necessary
  • Corporate Quarterly estimated filing

October 15 – DUE Dates

  • 1040/personal automatic extension due date
  • Partnership/1065, Trust and Estate/1041 due date

Just a friendly reminder !

Have a Great Day!

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