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GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Q3 2023 Advanced Release … Headline Versus Second Look of Release…. Defense Spending …

On Thursday, October 26, 2023, the BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) released the Advanced Estimate aka first try at the Q3 2023 GDP for the US Economy….

As a quick reminder, GDP is one of the broadest measures of US Economic growth …. heck two consecutive negative GDP prints is the basic definition of a recession….back to the print…

The most followed headline number was a 4.9% increase…. at first blush a very positive number and a bit of a head scratcher…. especially given Capital Market’s recent crankiness…..

Government defense spending was (thankfully under current Geo Politics) up huge due to defense spending. Defense spending is not the same as organic Economic growth… it just does not filter through the system the same…still VERY important under current circumstances….

Have a Great “Now you Know the rest of the GDP Report” Day!

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