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TSA Throughput Update … Are We Traveling Again? Sorta …

As mentioned last Friday, with travels under the belt. wonder of the actual number of bodies headed back to the airports was born.

No doubt, there are fewer flights, less direct and certainly less convenient from a personal sample standpoint… oh and a lot more delays and changes….

A click over to the TSA government website for an updated graph…oh, thank goodness the formatting is better, making the graph much easier to create in short order and accurately (hat tip JP) … those with permanent memories of our posts may recall a web site mentioned here that was neat and had all sorts of cool features…. which is now subscription based…. grrr …. Not to worry, new TSA Formatting to the rescue…

Updated TSA Throughput as of 11-6-21 – Getting Closer

While at a Halloween get together, the night before a trip, mention of the up coming trip(s) garnered multiple comments from former road warrior travelers (weekly) that they were permanently grounded and had no plans or intentions to move from the Virtual meeting to the actual in flesh….

Wonder if my small sample size means the difference noted in the graph above is from the Business Traveler… were not very many on my small sample size!

Have a Great “TSA Updated Traveler” Day!

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