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Chance Visit with Two NATO Fighter Pilots — Friday

Just by chance, my inquisitive (some may say big mouth) resulted in a very interesting conversation recently.

A Chat with Two NATO Fighter Pilots

Overhearing a different language spoken and spotting two very intense looking gentlemen, I asked

“Where are you guys from?”

“Germany!”      they replied.

Game on …. as I quickly began quizzing them on their thoughts on Angela Merkel, the German Economy, the EU, their Capital Markets, the IMF, and global politics. They were very knowledgeable on all of these subject matters, and had very positive things to say in most instances.

Their most interesting thoughts were on the 1.5 million refugees that have come across the border and entered the German economy. They were positive on the accepted entrance and knew the demographics cold (80% men, ages 16-45.)

Thinking to myself, these guys must be politicians of some type, I asked the next question which caused both uncomfortable body language

“What do you think about the idea that the US has become more isolationist? You think Germans think that?”

“Ahhh …. NOT AT ALL  …we are seeing eye to eye…” spoken VERY convincingly

Naturally, just as we all got up and parted ways, I asked them what they did and found out they were NATO fighter pilots. What ? Totally missed that one.Seal_of_the_North_Atlantic_Treaty_Organization

Certainly their backgrounds may skew their thinking, but from this  visit, looks like things are pretty good!

Careful what you might read out there!

It’s a Friday — Enjoy your weekend – talk to you next week !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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Congrats Angela, End of Quarter …. PS Halloween

In an “Oh, thank goodness” moment, Angela Merkel received the votes necessary AND kept reasonable control.

Angela Victory

As mentioned Friday, Angela Merkel was voted to continue another term over the weekend, and while we have no major skin in the game our quest for stability and lack of destabilization was continued with a Merkel victory.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Q 3 2013 is coming to an end

It is hard to believe that the end of the third quarter of 2013 is just a few business days away. While it has been a very interesting one, market extension without fundamental footing has added a bit of risk to the equation…but you knew that already as we have spoken many times about this.

Have a Great Monday!

John Kvale

PS The all time favorite holiday of my family is Halloween…last year the request for approval to begin decorating in September was “ok” d by me with a you only have one item this early. Much to my surprise, over 90 spiders were placed in our home, while the calendar still read September.  This  year the question was not even asked, as such the zombies, rats, spiders and ghosts are staging through our yard, on their way to the tree, starting last night!

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An Important Election: Angela Merkel; Will she be re-elected? (Yes) … PS The Running Begins

In a note on how small the world has become, September 22, 2013 has been marked on our calendars for some time.

Angela Merkel For Chancellor

Our friend Axel Merk who is German born with ties and family still there, believes a Merkel re-election is very probable. While not an authority on the subject we hope Axel is correct. Our interest is from a continuity standpoint as Germany is the major anchor of Europe and a disruption at this point would be…well Disruptive!German Election

Election Stats

The election will determine the 598 (or more, if overhangs are produced) members of the 18th Bundestag, the main federal legislative house of Germany.

As the election comes to fruition this weekend, we suspect there will be more public commentary, given the importance.

Have a Great Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!

John Kvale

PS The first major run of the season kicks off tomorrow as a 20k finds its way to my schedule. The TourDeFleurs starts at the Dallas Arboretum, which I will be scoping the new six acre area for a possible 2014 J.K. Financial, Inc. Holiday Party at 6 am tomorrow!

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5 Financial Positives This Week and Good Bye Q3 2011

In our Zig when others Zag “Friday Positive Fashion” we found many positives this week, so buckle up, and let’s review together:

Merkel the Muscle: AKA Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, flexed her muscles in the passing of a tough lower house vote to give greater support and power to the FSFC, an entity to help the EU countries solvency issues.

The First Trickle of Earnings Announcements looks ok: While we are very early in the earnings season AKA “90 day treadmill” our first look at company reports looks favorable. Our continued interest is how much the “lack of confidence markets” have seeped into investment decisions, both from a consumer level, and CFO level. So far so good !

Consumer Confidence Still Hanging In there: We view the lack of negative in consumer confidence as a positive. The longer we go without a major drop in confidence the better, in our opinion, as the initial dramatic market movements of early August become a memory. The longer term outlook also increased in this weeks Consumer numbers, leading to possible better times ahead.

Chicago PMI Surprises to Upside: Expectations for a 55 point reading on the Chicago area purchasing managers report were surpassed by an actual reading of 60.  In the strongest report since April of this year, the Chicago PMI report may be pointing to accelerating purchases and may bode well for the ISM Report of next week. A surprisingly positive report overall.

Steve Liesman breaks positive Euro report News (Video): Liesman, an economist and financial commentator on CNBC, broke the news that the EU was beginning talks on funding, targeted for struggling EU countries. The story was a huge positive as it appeared talks had begun to falter and countries were headed to their own corner to protect themselves. Capital markets greeted this breaking story with surprise and a Champaign party attitude.

Have a Good Weekend as we bid the third quarter of 2011 goodbye !


Will Musical Chairs In Germany Spell Trouble for the Euro?

Last Wednesday (2-9-11) at a group CFA related dinner event, Marko Papic, a Senior Eurasia Analyst, discussed events surrounding the Euro and the ECB’s (European Central Bank) influence on the Euro countries.

This topic is very interesting as I have long had wonders of the Euro’s continued success. A failed Euro would certainly cause ripples across the globe economically, however, in my opinion, a failed Euro would not cause a catastrophic global meltdown as some have predicted, again, in my opinion, yet it is important to keep a watchful eye on changes.

Angela Merkel

According to Mr. Papic, due to Germany’s dramatic economic growth and dominance within the Euro countries, German Chancellor Angela  Merkel (think Germany’s version of Obama or President) has long wanted a German Chief of the ECB. Currently the chief of the ECB is Jean-Claude Trichet, a Frenchman, who’s post is up for election in October of  2011.

Here is where it gets interesting:

Axel Weber

Just two days after Mr. Papic’s talk about the importance of Germany having a chief of ECB representative, Axel Weber the ECB heir apparent (think the US version of Ben Bernanke) suddenly decided to resign, most certainly leaving Merkel (German Chancellor) frustrated.

While much of this may sound like headlines more suited for the Enquirer, the players are of great importance. According to Mr. Papic, the ECB needs to get settled by 2013 or there could be great headwinds facing the collaborative group of suitors for the Euro, possibly leading to a disruption.

Keep an eye across the ponds, musical chairs over there will have an affect here, and be glad other countries have not had sudden departures of important representatives.

Have a Great Day!