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AI Explained in Simple Terms … Managing the Hype a bit … Conclusions from Explanation …

Whew … the fascination, hype (over hype), popularity and sexy coolness factor of Artificial Intelligence aka AI is astounding… Maybe getting over done here… Let’s bring this back down to Earth with the following simple Explanation ….

Heck, earlier this week, see below an AI Assistant popped up here on our WordPress blog platform…

Oh, by the way in less than 10 minutes ran this by the Mrs. and the graduating 18 year old, 15 year old techie was still asleep, and they got it … Hopefully can keep this short and simple here in words!

AI – Artificial Intelligence Today explained

Program assigns a number to all the words in the English Language – other languages too of course.

Cluster of huge computers located somewhere inexpensive scans everything it can get its eyes on, and tags the patterns of the numbers from the words it has scanned…

Not kidding, this is it!

Type in a question on an AI platform? Computer checks its numerical patterns from huge above, and gives you an answer!

Inferred Limitation

Original Content – By definition, it can only be a repeat of a pattern answer, nothing new and original, but put together parts from prior information…sure some may argue here… YES AI created this picture!

Huge Advantage

Repeatable, structured tasks… Think data entry, non creative programming, redundant tasks!

And that is it…. Wonderful possibilities, great time saver, will effect a lot of people, but hold on… Not going to solve all the worlds problems! Hoping for funny “Back to Earth” sarcasm here!

Have a Great “AI Explained” Day!

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AI – It is cool, but maybe not THAT cool! Temper that Enthusiasm….

Surprisingly, our first straight forward AI – Artificial Intelligence post was here, in 2017

Wow… time either flies or we were on the cutting edge… likely the former!

We use it daily….It is super helpful, and likely will change much of the future direction of technology, many industries ….

Let’s not get too carried away though…

AI gets jiggy or at least many think so – Follow the REAL Revenues

Our most recent article here … just shy of 60 days ago, sported a reminder to follow the revenues and not get caught in the hype….

When that article was written, it was one of the latest from our buddies at Visual Capitalist… there are not frequent pertinent articles on subject matter…. there are now seven more… hmmmm

Google Worldwide Search Trends “AI”

Vivid memories of 1999 thinking to myself:

“Those old guys do not know what they are doing, dot com is the bomb and will change the world!” …

It did, but not nearly as broadly or fast as expected and with a HUGE number of casualties along the way!

Have a Great “Keeping AI Real” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

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DALL – E – 2 from Open AI (Artificial Intelligence) – Copyright Free Art/Pictures/Images Created by You or Me! … Examples …

We have spoken about this before, but in brevity….and the popularity of this is rising so fast, we can hardly keep up ….

ChatGPT is all the rage at the moment, and we spoke of it here, again in brevity….

This is making its’ way into our coming Newsletter in greater detail…. But let’s start from the beginnings of our experience and show you just a few of our creations…

Dall-E-2 – the Image portion from Open AI

With Copyright issues abounding, we happily stumbled into DALL-E-2 named somewhat from the Pixar Movie WALL-E and Salvador Dali the artist… The whole family has accounts and all enjoy creating images… in fact, here are just a few images we have been using here…. once again all created by us ….

Oh, and those unfamiliar with the process … you type a literal sentence or phrase of what you want it to create and BOOM you get an AI created picture…

“Uncle Sam Beach Bum” created this and was used in a post where we spoke of Tax time not here yet….

Here are a few more…again all used here in our blog…VERY HAPPILY

We will dive deeper into CHATGPT next…but hope this helps give you a 10000 foot overview and will let you know what people are talking about when this terminology is mentioned!

Have a Great “DALL-E-2” Informed Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

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AI – Artificial Intelligence to take over the World? Nah….

The possibilities seem endless.

An 18 wheeler that can drive across the country at night with less traffic and no human to interfere!

No parking lots, as all needed cars could be used as needed and no unnecessary excess – land savings, energy saving and environmental savings!

A robot does the job, endlessly with no rest.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Jets cooled

In this recent neat Wharton School Panel Review Report  a lot of cold water is tossed on some of the possibilities …. (Wharton is our friend as occasional co-host of live Sirius Radio Your Money, with Kent Smetters)

But First a few recent headlines!

CNBC 7-19-17 “Half of American Jobs are at risk from automation, new study suggests

The Guardian 9-13-15 “Self driving cars: From 2020 you will be permanent back seat driver

Not so Fast on AI – Artificial Intelligence Taking Over the WorldRobot - man-320276__340!


On Self Driving Cars

From the Wharton Panel Review.

Vijay Kumar, dean of engineering at University of Pennsylvania (very credible position for opinion)

“It turns out that so much of what appears in mainstream media about self-driving cars being just around the corner is very much overstated …”

“In other words, many optimistic articles about autonomous vehicles overlook the fact that it will take many years to get enough data to make fully self-driving cars work at a large scale — not just a couple of years.”

“A fundamental problem is that most observers do not realize just how vast an amount of data is needed to operate in the physical world — ever-increasing amounts, or, as Kumar calls it — “exponential” amounts”

So this makes sense to us … the last few incremental steps for this to actually occur may be MUCH greater than many think, it’s just harder to get the last 100% completely automated vehicle.

Calling Elon Musk Out

Again from Professor Kumar …

“Elon Musk will also tell you that batteries are improving and getting better and better. Actually, it’s the same battery that existed five or 10 years ago.” What is different is that batteries have become smaller and less expensive, “because more of us are buying batteries. But fundamentally it’s the same thing.”

There sure seems to be a lot of confusion on this subject… some say the batteries are getting better, but few can prove it at this point…

Machines still have a long way to go

“In the near future, no one needs to worry because machines are pretty dumb….” Kumar said. As an example, Fung (Pascale Fung, a professor of electronic and computer engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) explained that she could make a robot today capable of doing some simple household chores, but, “it’s still cheaper for me to do it, or to teach my kids or my husband to do it. So, for the near future there are tons of jobs where it would be too expensive to replace them with machines. Fifty to 100 years from now, that’s likely to change, just as today’s world is different from 50 years ago.”

We find this extremely interesting, greatly enjoy the views and encourage you to read the article….

The Total Opposite View

In February of 2015 we had the opportunity to listen to Peter Diamandis and wrote a report on his findings here

He said two years ago, that computers would be faster/smarter than humans in eight years .. here is the chart from the report we wrote…

Computer Power Expanding

Someone is wrong!

Differing opinions are great!

Likely somewhere between 6 years and 100 … Ok , know its wide, but that’s the extreme from both views !

Careful what you believe!!!

Hope you enjoyed!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
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Artificial Intelligence Preview – Friday

It’s well known Google has been testing a driverless car…6c0d53bc-9f62-4c3d-a85d-ef80a35cfc4b-536-00000063ca5ef0cc

The possibilities are endless, should we all get into the back seats or out of our cars completely…

Just think of the room that would be created by all those extra parking spaces?

What just a second though!

Next week we discuss and review an interesting take on Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with our friends from Wharton …

That is next week and the summer is slowly sliding away.

Many are starting school, my gang, thankfully has one more week, but the extra time must be paid back somewhere in the year one way or another.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.