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Happy Birthday … Friday Travels

We usually keep to all business here … well mostly business, an occasional blooper here or there with drop in humor.

Today, on a lighter note to begin the year, I want to wish my dad a Happy Birthday tomorrow!


Ed Kvale 2016

Travels Today

Today we travel back … in the saddle, ready to go next week !

Lot’s to talk about!

See you then!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Earnings Update … Monday Travels (Groundhog) … Birthday Boy

Currently we are smack in the middle of earnings season ….  Guess What ?

They are pretty good, not great, but certainly not bad. Hats off to managers as they maneuver through a sluggish economy and a slightly ill consumer. Well done guys.

We will go deeper soon, but so far so good!

Ground Hog Day Travel

Monday a week ago, on a planned fun turn-around trip , I DID spend 2.5 hours in a plane, but unfortunately never left the tarmac, as storms and low gas canceled both the outbound and return.

Monday we try again. Rain anyone !!!!

Birthday Boy  … Happy 7th

Happy 7th birthday Pierce, seems only yesterday we brought you back from the hospital.Pierce

This is why ….. It’s a Friday, headed into a weekend, I REMIND …enjoy and do not forget to spend time with those special in your life… It goes fast !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Some BIG NEWS soon!! Tease Tease

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