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Double Birthday Wishes …. You Cannot Make this Up!

Not sure on the saying, but goes something like ….

Two birds with one stone!

No no, more like this ….

Have Your Cake and Eat it too!

No, how about this ….


Oh ….goodness….

Two For One ?

As a small happily high touch firm, it would not work without you!

Happy Birthday Jen and Donald

Yep, both are on the same day – TODAY!

10k Finished !

Cheers and thanks for everything, you guys are GREAT!

John A. Kvale

Happy Birthday … Friday Travels

We usually keep to all business here … well mostly business, an occasional blooper here or there with drop in humor.

Today, on a lighter note to begin the year, I want to wish my dad a Happy Birthday tomorrow!


Ed Kvale 2016

Travels Today

Today we travel back … in the saddle, ready to go next week !

Lot’s to talk about!

See you then!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Earnings Update … Monday Travels (Groundhog) … Birthday Boy

Currently we are smack in the middle of earnings season ….  Guess What ?

They are pretty good, not great, but certainly not bad. Hats off to managers as they maneuver through a sluggish economy and a slightly ill consumer. Well done guys.

We will go deeper soon, but so far so good!

Ground Hog Day Travel

Monday a week ago, on a planned fun turn-around trip , I DID spend 2.5 hours in a plane, but unfortunately never left the tarmac, as storms and low gas canceled both the outbound and return.

Monday we try again. Rain anyone !!!!

Birthday Boy  … Happy 7th

Happy 7th birthday Pierce, seems only yesterday we brought you back from the hospital.Pierce

This is why ….. It’s a Friday, headed into a weekend, I REMIND …enjoy and do not forget to spend time with those special in your life… It goes fast !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Some BIG NEWS soon!! Tease Tease

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