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Happy Thanksgiving – Blooper Video One Last Time – Less Gray, More teeth, Horrified Replay? – Enjoy … Gobble Gobble

With lots of newbies – (thank you very much) – we thought this was just too good to pass up…

Sophia is now 18 and will leave for college next year, Pierce (aka Toothless- 15 … a freshman) …. So this will be our last year for this… most likely………..hmmmmm

This was not edited, just a re-recording as frustration grew… Mother intuition was very clear as a warning was issue prior to the attempted recording…. “This will not go well!” Scripture !

Remember this was years ago, WAY before the popularity of TikTok or YouTube… in our opinion making it even more original and entertaining…

Enjoy the last (most likely) viewing — Wedding video(s) anyone? ..ha

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving … One Last Time Re-run of the Most Popular Video Ever Due to it’s Blooper Authenticity

Next year this time, the Tennis player will be a Senior…. so figured this would be the last year to run this Blooper, all original, no editing, most popular Video Ever….

If you cannot laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at….

Oh, here is what they look like today, in a quick sassy pose…

Maybe this was the early sassy beginnings….


Gobble Gobble…

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP aka Blooper Thanksgiving Dad!

Reminder… No mandatory RMD’s- (Required Minimum Distributions) this year … Finally, Our Most Popular Video EVER, that also is a Family Blooper – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

After fielding several calls in the last week or so about Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) We wanted to remind everyone that due to our current situation all required minimum distributions have been waived for this year.

That does not mean that you cannot take funds out if you have a need or a want. This also does not cause us to have a double distribution next year, pretty much the best of both worlds, elective distribution if desired not mandatory if not wanted!


The most popular video ever was one that was literally almost a comedic uncut repeat attempt when the kids were much younger

Here is what they look like today…

Here is what they look like then, with your authors best attempts of trying to do a serious video – What eventually happened is an upload of all of the attempts much like you would see at the end of a movie or blooper!

Hope you enjoy likely the last year that we will show this, but we’ve said that for the last two or three years just too much fun especially given my seriousness and their lack of seriousness!


John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Too Much of a Good Thing … Travel Schedule … Holiday Next Week …

As we enter the Holiday Season, remember there can always be too much of even a good thing. Moderation may be best ESPECIALLY for those tangible items. This family lives a few blocks from us …. Moderation?

Think his next door neighbors will ever try to sell their house during the holidays? NOPE!

Overloaded Santa

Travel and Office Schedule

Tonight the family and I jump a plane to the land of a big nose, tall ears, and a long tail. Thanks to some very special friends ( E&C M) we owe you much !

The family and I will be out all next week, returning early the following week, BEFORE the new year, just in case there are any last-minute items that need to be addressed.

Next week the office will be open, but bookended days off may make it tough to catch anyone here in person. Email is the best bet or leaving a voice message is fine too, as we are all tethered electronically.

While on the road we plan to make a family video, so do not hold your breath as the squeal is never better.

Ohhh… you missed the blooper Thanksgiving Video.

The most popular video of the year from our JKFinancialinc  YouTube Channel .

A Happy Thanksgiving Blooper!

Kvale Blooper

Happy Holidays !

Talk to you next week.

Thanks for following along!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Told you Janet Yellen and gang were going to remove “Considerable Time!”  …. Moderation !!!

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Happy Thanksgiving, (Family Video) AND Bloopers Video (Funny)

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

After several takes, my great idea of a neat family video was complete, however it is highly likely you may like the blooper video more.

Final product (29 seconds), and if you want a real laugh (REALLY, IT’S FUNNY) … and how I live, watch the funny blooper (90 seconds) …. yaa yaa I even get bunny ears, multiple times !!

My bet is the blooper gets MANY more views !

Click anywhere for a direct link to the vide0.

Thanksgiving Video Kvale Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Blooper Video

Kvale Blooper

Have a Great Thanksgiving !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS While editing this post (in a far too public place) … much ribbing …all good … Love those kiddos !!

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Dallas, TX 75225