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Happy Happy New Years !!!! YAY, Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022! YAY YAY, Our Covid Experience … Maybe helpful for some

We wish everyone a very happy new year as we welcome 2022 in at midnight tonight, hope you are able to spend it with those important in your life enjoy … will talk to you in 2022!

Our Covid Experience, A possible helpful pointer or two

Last week upon returning from a brief snowboarding trip with the 14-year-old, approximately 24 hours after arriving back said 14-year-old ran over 100° temperature for about 12 to 14 hours.

With a wonderful visit planned with my 93-year-old father and other family members, in an abundance of caution, Pierce and I each were tested for Covid.

On Christmas Day Pierce tested positive I tested negative.

Pierce post fever only had minor sniffles and I had no symptoms that could be absolutely pinpoint for sure … the temperature differential from the slopes to back home was almost 90° and would expect a runny nose and the like!

Feeling confident we were out of the woods but once again with a visit on the horizon, Pierce and I both tested positive in less than three minutes on a 15 minute rapid test on Tuesday of this week… visit cancelled….

No one else in the family tested positive and we feel fine except for maybe being a bit stir crazy.

Wanted to share this with you to let you know that the spread of this may be at least in part because there are no symptoms or very small ones. A good thing and bad … so to speak!

Needless to say we will as they say be … “home for the holidays” … Movies anyone?

Cheers, be safe out there everyone!

Enjoy the turn of the Calendar! Talk to you on the other side!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.



Yet ANOTHER Awesome Tracking Find… Indeed Jobs Indexes, 118 Total, Global and Domestic

We are not sure if these have been around for some time, have been created for the current situation, or are just finding our eyes….

But we like them…

First it was the TSA Throughput numbers, which we find extremely interesting in following and tracking air passenger travel, here is our latest post.

Then we stumbled upon the Kastle, back to office working tracker, here, which of all things, is a security firm at its roots, but has created a fascinating graph of office occupancy in the largest 10 cities….

Meet our latest find…

Indeed Job Posting Indexes

In true nerd like fashion, we have reviewed, in Pavlov’s dog fashion (major drooling) all 118, yep … one hundred and eighteen different indexes from Indeed.

This data comes from Indeed’s two research sites https://www.hiringlab.org/ and the raw data site https://github.com/hiring-lab/data , all of this is put together in our favorite St Louis Federal Reserve FRED website.

Here is the link to the FRED website and all 118 Indeed indexes. Multiple Countries and major cities and states included….   

These are job postings, created by Indeed and in terrific format.

Click on Chart for Huge Version or Here for my Fred Data Page Directly continual updated

We find it very interesting the variances by country. Germany is the most shallow of the drop-off in job postings … with the UK oddly being the deepest, and of note, Australia suddenly having an increase to take the lead as of late in the closest to be back to normal.

Indeed Texas Indexes

Here is a more specific regional job postings tracking of the state of Texas and cities, Austin, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio.

Here is a link to my data page on FRED or click on Chart for Huge Version

San Antonio, the clear winner, with postings only down 7.9% from early year, our guess was Austin due to it’s high tech influence (wrong!) and the loser so far … Houston, lagging down almost 20% which makes sense due to Oil Dependency.

We will add this to our following and update posts and look forward to researching other areas of the Country/World as well as watching these continue!

Have a Great “Indeed Job Postings World Review” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.