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Puzzles ….Big Ben on stage today

One of the many enjoyable parts of this industry is the terrific fellow professionals I have met and share ideas with on a regular basis. With three study groups that I regularly visit with, all of which are fellow professionals, and most of which come from various backgrounds within the industry, insights and experiences from these think tank groups are much greater than ever imagined when first commenced . Just by chance all three of my groups have met within the last two weeks.

Given the collective thoughts from the various angles of our industry the only item everyone can completely agree on is the current economic and market environment is puzzling. Including the overseas dialogue, puzzles are our new norm, so if you are puzzled, don’t feel bad as feeling 100% confident may be slightly overzealous at best, and painful at worst.

Today, Big Ben (Bernanke) takes to the stage early afternoon after a late morning possible “more cowbell” public announcement. We again are wishful for NO MORE COWBELL, however, like Zigg our imaginary friend, we are in the minority.  Our reasoning on the subject is as more cowbell (monetary stimulus) is administered it must eventually be retrieved (money taken out of the system). If our wish comes true, we would expect volatility to go along with our puzzles, so buckle up and hang on as only time will tell!

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More Cowbell Mr. Bernanke? and Stage 1 JK Technology Upgrade Complete

Today we will get the official answer….Did the Fed actually leak information to their respective favorite reporters last week and are planning on additional stimulus?

If they did not and are not planning on more “Cowbell” market participants may be disappointed. For that matter, it is highly likely market participants will turn negative on anything short of a major announcement, in our opinion.

“We have never seen that before!”

That is our most hated phrase regarding technology improvements and upgrades… especially when coming from those doing the upgrade. While we thwarted that phrase, our optimistic view of no hitches were not achieved. The conversion occurred prior to dark but well after the original scheduled time frame. Today we will hopefully feel we have a Tiger by the Tail with our new speed.

Next step, Phones…..this wil not occur until late August, we will share the adventure with you.

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PS I will be traveling the coming two weeks.