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Cybercriminals 4 …. John 0… Funny Story

After warning of several cybercrime attempts here, here and here. And even more recently the story of 100k tax returns lost by the IRS , the latest chapter of the cybercrime puzzle arrived in my mailbox over the weekend.

Turbo Tax Asks for their MoneyCybercrime

A nice form letter arrived in my mailbox over the latest weekend stating I owed Turbo Tax money for their software as the “refund” was not enough to cover the cost. Nope, had not used their software!

Gotta hand it to the cybercriminals, if your going to do it, go all in!

Before I even explained to the representative at Turbo Tax why I was calling, the nice lady on the other end of the line said “This was a fraud right?”  “Ya,  How did you know?” According to her this was a very common problem lately.

Keep your guards up!

Actually a funny story if you think about it .. Fraudulent filing, using fraud to get the software to do the fraud … Wow .. certainly creative!

Have a Good Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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A Word About Recent Public Data Breaches … Summer Friday

Recently a Milwaukee security firm publicly released a stunning estimate of possible data breaches.  The news was picked up in this New York Times article and the blaze was on.

Estimated Over a Billion Passwords Hacked

The stunning number seems to be what has caught many, including myself by surprise. No matter the accuracy of this research a few continued steps will help prevent your information falling into the wrong hands. (Recall we have spoken of this before here , here, and here.)

  1. Change Passwords Frequently
  2. Do not keep the same password on all accounts
  3. Keep a strong password i.e. include a symbol
  4. Email confidential information carefully
  5. Skip words like “password” or “username” in your email

BREAK IN: After multiple calls to IT providers and protectors, most financial institutions are monitoring 24/7 for possible breaches or attempted breaches. A common theme rose to the surface, DO NOT HAVE THE SAME PASSWORD ON MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS … Sorry to deliver that information, if you are like me, this further complicates an already memory stressed log in  … Oh well, better safe than sorry … 


There is no way to be 100% protected. If the FBI or NASA can be broken into, it is not possible to guarantee safety. However following the above steps will help reduce your possible exposure, especially for your banking information or any money controlling related account.

On a positive note, the firm releasing the estimated breach along with several other tech contacts we have touched base with noted the most likely use of this information was for spam and more spam.

Here is a neat chart of  todays interconnectivity

Hacked Email Picture


Have a Great Friday and a Super Summer Weekend…

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225