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MGM Resorts Hit by Cyber – Timely Newsletter Reference….

With the final editing of the Q 4 2023 Newsletter in process… an article included in is Cyber Security from a half day seminar late spring….

From the Newsletter Article..

If there’s one thing, for those of us with little time or patients for a long read that we would like you to take from this article it is that most cyber intrusions come from an e-mail that has a bad actor with a hot link click, do not click on that bad hot link!

The second thing and more encouraging, most cyber security situations are not extremely complicated and are allowed by a simple letting of our guards down- see above point!

It Happens to the Best of them – MGM Resorts

Monday morning, during a regular research call, it was noted MGM had been taken down via a hacker… maybe a bad loser… but who knows…

This from the site early am Monday… for all of MGM at the time…

Oh my…just checked it again… YIKES!

Snapshot taken 9-12-23 at 8:44 PM

Cannot imagine the lost revenue from this hack… WOW!

Quick Google for more information — From – This Las Vegas Journal

On Tuesday, some point-of-sale locations couldn’t process credit card transactions at MGM’s retail outlets, and in-resort ATMs were offline. Some guests complained that they couldn’t get into their hotel rooms because the MGM app was off. The company has since remedied that problem by issuing key cards. MGM’s websites and mobile app remained down on Tuesday.

Have a Great “Cyber Security Aware” Day!

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They are back … The Fraudsters that is !

This time garners the most important financial forms of the year flowing through the system … of course we are speaking of Tax Forms! (W-2, 1099, etc …..)

Tax Time = Fraudster Timethief

This week we fielded two and 1/2 possible fraud attempts. We are giving 1/2 to a email that we are not certain was fraud … No Matter.

Keep your guards up!

Last year we had double digit numbers of fraud during this season… the thing is, we did not see fraud until much later in the season. They may be starting earlier this year.

For the record, there has been no money lost on any of our known fraud attempts… we hope this never changes…. Stay Vigilant !

Happy Friday .. Enjoy Your Weekend ! Talk to you next week…

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Summer = Increase Hacking

We topped out at 10 tax cyber hacks this year (10 people had some type of fraudulent tax related issue) and just as we all get ready for summer, we wanted to remind of a recurring theme we have seen over the last several years.

Increased Hacks during the summer

It is certainly not any of our kids, or any kids we know…of course not..BUT..

We do notice an increase in mostly non malicious cyber related issues over the summer. How does that saying go “Idle minds…..”

Keep your guards up this summer!

  • Do not open any weird looking emails, especially if they have odd links.
  • If you receive an odd mass email from someone you know, let them know they may have been hacked, it may save us all a few headaches.
  • Make your passwords strong by including a symbol.
  • Check the root web address carefully before you enter your information – if in doubt open another browser and surf to the link to see if it looks legit.
  • Take your time! Most of my miss haps have occurred while being careless and in unfamiliar web pages, such as looking for a unique sports statistic in unfamiliar web pages.

The good news is, with a little forethought we can avoid what is mostly a minor summer annoyance!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

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Fraud Continues, Do not let your guards down

Unfortunately we continue to see cybercriminal activities.  Our peer professionals are also seeing the same.

Do not let your guards downCybercrime

  • Keep your information as private as possible
  • If you have had an intrusion such as a fake call, income tax filing fraud (present party included), or other intrusion, be on high alert
  • Consider a credit monitoring service (see next 3-25-15 report)

The Simple Dollar’s Top Picks

In case Identity Guard is not what you’re looking for, several other strong companies worth considering emerged from my research.

  1. Identity Guard
  2. LifeLock
  3. Identity Force
  4. Experian
  5. TransUnion

Be safe out there!

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My Identity stolen a third time ??? Yep … Friday

As a financial advisor we drink the EXACT same cool aid we have for clients   … Same investments, same conservative philosophy, long-term thinking, tax strategies, generally optimistic, but skeptical when necessary  … and well … I guess the same identity theft some have experienced lately!

On Tuesday of this week, I was notified by the IRS by mail, not just once, but two lovely envelopes, stating someone was trying to file taxes (not me) and there was a conflict. (Nothing associated with the office, all info from my home/personal address)

Wow… TWO TIMES … Does that mean two different people are trying, or just the same person twice ? I will let you know when I know! thief

Needless to say, keep your guards up!  Here , here and here are a few of our articles on this, which of course I have heeded myself!

Ahhhh, but today is a Friday and I am on the road for a short but fun trip out-of-town and back. Do not forget to spend time with those special in your life … Talk to you next week!

Get back cyber criminals!

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Financial Officers BEWARE, cybercriminals are coming for you too !

Just when you thought it was safe to enter the office email waters (yaya, last week was shark week) cybercrime is headed your way. We have warned on a personal basis, here, here and here  of the trial and tribulations of cybercriminals … apparently they have been successful and are moving on to bigger fish.

Criminals Pose as Senior Executives

In this recent CFO.com article, reports of very similar email hacking into corporations that we have been warning against (links above) for individuals for some time.

  • Hacking an email account of an employee, buyer, or someone in the money receipt/payment area
  • Requesting an urgent quick need for payment of funds
  • Unable to talk in person as this time
  • New Bank Account Number for processing — WARNING WARNING WARNING

This is so close to what the criminals have been doing on an individual level it is amazing. It seems their success with individuals has emboldened them to go for bigger fish.

This from the CFO article:

“The average loss per victim is $55,000, but in some cases losses have exceeded $800,000, according to IC3 …”

YIKES … This is a much bigger take than we have been in contact with on an individual level.thief

Either as individuals or executives, let’s all be careful and try to stop this. The greater success they have, the more they will try.

Have a Great Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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